Claxton Counseling Center in Delray Beach


Psychotherapy is a process of trust, gaining awareness, self-evaluation and experimentation with new ways of being.

Why come to counseling?

  • Gain an awareness of how a specific problem or problems developed and how one's actions and feelings contribute to the issue.
  • Learn methods to solve or avoid such obstacles in the future.
  • Understand how to become one's own "therapist" rather than being dependent on an "expert."

Why Claxton Counseling Center?

Everyone deserves a well-balanced and harmonious life. My clients learn to have a loving relationship with themselves. Their family, career and partner relationships reflect their self-confidence. I teach clients to look within and take responsibility for their own happiness and joy. I help explore alternatives and developing the coping skills to make this life a better one.

I find that many of my clients have tried talking to family or friends. That's a good place to start, but sometimes distance can't be maintained. I have been trained to listen thoughtfully and to help clients understand the best way to deal with their difficulties.

My expertise is the result of extensive training, over 20 years of experience, and a commitment to continuing education. Everyone's feelings about family, health and work deserve attention. I help address these concerns in new and constructive ways in a quiet, supportive environment.